Tackle The Root Cause Of Your Bathroom Sink Clog

When you have a clog in your bathroom sink, you might try to have the sink cleared as quickly as possible by using chemicals, a plunger, or an auger. However, after you have resolved the clogged sink problem, you might discover shortly afterward that your sink is clogged again. If your sink keeps getting clogged, you'll likely need to find out what is causing your sink to become clogged in the first place.


Your bathroom sink should ideally be used only for water and soap for when you wash your hands. Anything else that you allow to be washed down the drain can potentially lead to the bathroom sink becoming clogged. One of the most common things that can make its way into the sink and cause a clog is hair. When you are shaving or when you simply have hair come loose, it can build up in the sink and contribute to the formation of a clog.

Hair clumps together when wet, and the more hair that goes down the sink, the more likely that the sink will clog. Using a strainer and picking up stray pieces of hair before they go down the drain can prevent a clog from forming.


Soap is a normal substance that makes its way down the drain as you wash your hands. Unfortunately, soap can also contribute to the clogging of your bathroom drain over time. Accumulated soap scum will usually need to be cleared away using a plumber's snake. Soap-related clogs are more likely to happen if you use a water softener. Strong and coarse soap can also have the consequence of damaging your pipes.


As your pipes rust, the rust can accumulate and can lead to the formation of clogs. This is something that is difficult to avoid because pipes can age over time. However, the problem is worse if you use corrosive soap.

Also, when you do develop a clog, using a corrosive drain cleaner can make the problem even worse because the drain cleaner will also cause your pipes to corrode. For this reason, it's usually better to use other methods such as hiring a drain cleaning service.

One of the great things about a clogged drain cleaning service is that they can not only clear out your drains, but they can also provide you with advice on how to prevent your drain from becoming clogged in the future.