Plumbing Upgrades: Notice These Problems Before It’s Too Late

When you bought your home, you likely knew that at some point you would need to replace certain things and upgrade others, especially if you bought a "fixer-upper." Certain systems in your home need to be intact to ensure that your home is protected against structural damage.

Your plumbing system may be a portion of your home that you rarely give thought to unless you notice a problem. You may even dismiss the problem as a minor inconvenience. For example, sometimes things such as clogged toilets may be minor, but frequent clogs or clogs that occur in more than one area of your home might be a sign of something more serious. The following points will help you identify things you might notice if your home needs a plumbing upgrade. 

Unclear Water

Safe drinking water running from a tap does not have a hue to it. If you notice any coloration of your drinking water, take it as a clear sign that something is amiss. Keep in mind that you cannot ascertain that all clear water is safe either, which is why many homeowners filter their water to remove contaminants and trace minerals. Rust can transfer into drinking water if there are leaky pipes in a home. You might notice brownish, reddish, or yellowish water if there is a rust issue in your plumbing system. The rusty water may stain clothing and plumbing fixtures too. Your water may also appear black indicating the presence of microbial growth such as mold or bacteria. Greenish blue hues may be a  sign of deteriorating copper or brass fittings. These issues can be remedied by replacing all or some of the components of your plumbing system.

Pressure Problems

Most homeowners get used to the normal water pressure in their homes. Any fluctuations, especially higher pressure, may be alarming. Low pressure is likely noticeable and viewed as an inconvenience especially if it worsens over time. However, low water pressure could be a sign of a failing plumbing system that might have several leaks. Pressure problems can also be caused by old pipes deteriorating and getting clogged by rust or other substances. If water cannot flow through your pipes, there is a risk for extensive water damage in your plumbing.

A plumbing company is a good resource to use to determine the severity of your plumbing issues and to discover contributing factors to your plumbing woes. Even if your plumbing system seems to be in excellent condition, routine plumbing inspections can give you the peace of mind that you do not have hidden issues. For more information, contact a local plumbing company.