A Guide To Tree Roots And Sewer Lines

Tree roots are a major problem in a home's main sewer drain, but there are some misunderstandings about how the problem occurs and the best ways to solve it. How Roots Invade Although sewer pipes should ideally be sealed tightly against any leaks, the nature of their installation does result in some faults. Moisture can escape the pipe in small amounts, or simple condensation due to the warmer fluids inside the pipe can cause dampness in the environs of the pipe. Read More 

As A New Homeowner, Learn Ways The Plumber Can Help

When you buy your own home, you won't be calling your landlord anymore when things happen around the house. This means you want to make sure you know who to call for assistance and when to call them. One of the types of services that you should know about when you own a home is plumbing. By better-familiarizing yourself with some of the different types of services a plumber offers, you'll know when they are the ones you can or should call when you need certain things done around the home or when you have certain problems going on. Read More 

A Guide To Furnace Shutdowns

A furnace that shuts down can leave you in the cold. Fortunately, most issues can be quickly repaired once the cause is discovered. Types of Furnace Shutdowns Furnace shutdowns typically fall into two categories — short-cycle shutdowns and total shutdowns. A short-cycle shutdown means the furnace stops running in the middle of a heating cycle before the house reaches the desired temperature. Often, the furnace will come back on a few minutes later, in an attempt to finish the heating cycle. Read More 

Air Conditioning Unit Not Cooling? 3 Possible Reasons Why

If your air conditioning unit is not cooling your home like it usually does, there are many things that can cause this to happen. Keep reading to learn of three possible reasons so you can get your air conditioning unit cooling properly. Problems With The Thermostat Start out by inspecting your thermostat. First, make sure it is on the cool setting and it is set at the correct temperature. If the thermostat is turned off and will not turn back on, it is time to replace it. Read More 

Your Old Septic Tank Might Need To Have A Baffle Repaired, Unclogged, Or Replaced At Some Point

A concrete septic tank is durable and can last for several years without the need for many repairs. One problem that might develop with the tank is when one of the baffles goes bad. Here's a look at the purpose of septic tank baffles, signs a baffle could be bad, and what a septic tank repair company might do about the problem. Why Your Septic Tank Has Baffles The purpose of a baffle in a septic tank is to keep solids from getting in the drainfield where they could cause expensive damage. Read More