3 Reasons Your Commercial Urinals May Be Leaking

Commercial restrooms see significantly more use than their residential counterparts. This extensive use can cause a commercial urinal to fail much faster than the toilet in a home. One common problem you will come across in your commercial restroom is a leaking urinal. It's important that you know what to look for when trying to identify the source of the leak. This information will help you troubleshoot a leaking urinal in the future. Read More 

Five Signs Of Hard Water

Constant calls for plumbing assistance may indicate that you have a hard water issue in your home. The following are a few of the symptoms of this problem. 1.Dishwasher Woes White spots on dishes that won't wipe off are one of the most obvious signs of hard water, but there are more. You may end up with a residue inside the dishwasher itself. This residue could be white, yellow, or even a rusty orange depending on the types of minerals in the water. Read More 

Myths About Smelly Water From Your Tank Water Heater

Hot water in the house is meant to be a modern-luxury, but if what you are getting from the tap smells like rotten eggs, it can feel and smell anything but luxurious. Take a look at some of the common myths about smelly hot water.  Myth: Smelly hot water is usually related to the water supply and not the hot water heater. This myth is usually relatively easy to debunk. Simply flush all the hot water from your water lines by allowing the cold water only to run for about 30 seconds or longer. Read More 

Save Money On An Unexpected Water Heater Installation

An expected home repair is rarely met with happiness. So, if you have to replace your old and outdated water heater — you may not be too happy. Fortunately, there is some good news. Not only will the upgraded efficiency of a new water heater improve your home's hot water functions and save on operating cost, but there are also some measures you can take to save money on the installation. Read More 

Hire The Right Plumber Immediately After Moving

Purchasing a home that's in perfect condition may not be possible due to your budget or simply having strict requirements over the size and location of the home. If this is the case, there is a chance that the home could have issues that require a plumber to come and make repairs shortly after moving in. When you want to make sure that you have the best experience hiring a plumber, the following tips can be useful for getting the best results. Read More