Knowing When To Call A Plumber For Your Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a fact of life. They happen to everyone at some point but sometimes they can be so stubborn to clear that there is no alternative but to call a plumber in to help. There are some things you can try but knowing when to call the plumber is important. Damaging the drain will only result in a larger expense and more time without a working drain.

Avoiding Clogged Drains

If you can keep the drain free of debris, hair, and other objects, then a clog will not be an issue. You can cover drains in tubs and sinks with hair stoppers and strainers to keep things out of them. Do not rinse anything down the drain, instead wipe out sinks and tubs with a disposable towel then throw it away in the trash. Take care to keep small object out of the sink and tub when you are draining them after baths.

Determining Where The Clog Is

If you have a drain that is slowing or refuses to drain properly, take a minute to see if you can see where the clog is. If you look in the drain, you may see hair or other obstructions in the top of the drain. If you can see it, it is okay to remove it and try the drain again. If you can not tell where the clog is, don't force anything down the drain or you may damage it.  

When To Call The Plumber

If you can not see the blockage in the drain or can not reach what you do see, it is time to call the plumber in to deal with it. Because today's modern plumbing is made mostly from PVC plastic pipe, forcing anything down the drain without knowing what is down there could cause severe damage to the pipes and joints.  

Snakes and Fiber Optics

A plumber may run a snake down the drain to try and clear it but knowing just how much force he should use makes a difference. If he finds a solid blockage that can not be cleared with a snake, he may opt to run a tiny fiber optic camera down the drain to get a look inside. The camera transmits back to a small monitor or laptop computer and allows the plumber to see inside with taking the drain apart.

Clearing Hard Blockages

If the plumber determines that you have a solid blockage in the drain or something the snake won't pull out, he will likely have to take the drain apart to clear it. If the drain has to be separated, the bill will be higher but there is less chance of damage occurring to the plumbing. Once cleared, the plumber may recommend some things to help keep things out of the drain and keep you from dealing with this problem in the future.

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