4 Signs Your Bathroom Needs To Be Replumbed

Pipes and plumbing fixtures do not last forever. Eventually, the plumbing in your bathroom will need to be replaced. But since most of your pipes are hiding behind walls, you can't rely on the appearance of the pipes to determine when the pipes need to be replaced. Instead, you'll need to keep an eye out for these four signs. 

1. Reduced Water Pressure

Taking a shower with low water pressure is not that enjoyable. There are many possible causes of low water pressure. If the pressure is low throughout your whole home, the water may just be entering your home at a low pressure. If there's mineral buildup on your showerhead, clearing it away may fix the problem. However, if it is just your shower that is low-pressure and your showerhead is not clogged with minerals, the problem might be your pipes. Especially if you have hard water, they are probably clogged with minerals, narrowing the passage through which the water can travel.

2. Leaking

As pipes grow older, they may develop tiny leaks. You may also notice leaks where the pipes joint one another or where they connect to the faucet. Signs of leaks include moist spots on your drywall, mold that you can't explain, and a musty smell that does not go away, even when you clean all of the visible surfaces of your bathroom. Water spraying out around your shower dial and fixtures is also considered leakage.

3. Rusty Water

If you have rust in your water, then the pipes in your bathroom are made from galvanized steel. This material was common in plumbing around 1960. It works great for a while, but then the inside of the pipes start to rust. When rust appears in the water, it is best to have the pipes replaced rather soon, because otherwise, you may have some leaks to deal with, too.

4. Temperature Regulation Issues

When you flush the toilet, does the shower get really hot? Maybe you can't get the hot water in the sink to run; it's always cold. This could indicate a simple issue with a few valves in your system, or it could mean that either the hot or cold pipes are ailing due to mineral buildup. In either case, you should have a plumber look at the system to see whether your pipes need to be replaced.

To learn more about bathroom plumbing replacement, contact a plumber in your area.