Problems That Might Arise When Installing A New Faucet

A new kitchen faucet enhances the appearance of your kitchen and offers modern convenience your old faucet may not have. You have many options in new faucets when it comes to the style and finish so you can find something that gives your kitchen a nice touch. Installing a new faucet is usually a simple process, but occasionally things come up that turn the faucet installation into an ordeal. Here are some complications that could arise when your plumber puts in your new faucet.

You Bought The Wrong Kind Of Faucet

While you can certainly change the style of your faucet, you'll need to keep the configuration the same for ease of installation. Before you buy the faucet, look for the number of openings along the back. If there is only one, you'll need a one-piece faucet. The plumber can add covers if you don't use all the holes, but you don't want to buy a faucet that requires three holes if your sink only has one.

The Old Connections Are Stuck

A common problem with old plumbing is that the connections get stuck together due to corrosion and hard water deposits; this makes it hard to do DIY plumbing repairs because you can damage the pipes by trying to force the connections apart. Your plumber may use lubricant or special skills to get the job done. He or she will find a way to work with the old plumbing, but it might add some time to the installation.

Old Pipes Are Corroded And Weak

If the plumbing in your home is old, the pipes might be corroded and weak depending on what they are made of. Cast iron and galvanized steel pipes rust over time and eventually need to be replaced. This could possibly affect the installation of a kitchen faucet. The plumber needs to turn the water off to the sink and if the valves are stuck and the pipes are corroded, there is a risk of damaging the plumbing. Your plumber might avoid this by turning off the water at the main valve instead. Working with old plumbing can lead to problems with the pipe breaking. Your plumber may recommend you have the pipes in your home inspected soon to see if they need to be replaced before one bursts. If a pipe is damaged, then repairs will add additional time for the installation of your new faucet. If your plumbing is fairly new, your plumber might not encounter any problems at all and installation will be quick and easy.