Two Fall Furnace Maintenance Tips To Get You Ready For The Cold Season

If you're the type of person who turns off your furnace the moment spring hits and doesn't think about it again until Old Man Winter starts making his rounds, you might want to rethink this practice. It can be incredibly frustrating to realize that just when you are most in need of warmth, you find that your furnace doesn't work properly.

A better idea is to do a few maintenance activities in the fall that can make a world of difference when it's time to put your furnace to good use. Use the following fall maintenance tips to prep your furnace for the cold season.

Schedule A Professional Furnace Cleaning And Inspection

It is vital for you to have your furnace cleaned and inspected on at least an annual basis. Cleaning the furnace keeps it from pumping dangerous toxins into your home. The inspections also serve to uncover any hidden issues that might keep the furnace from operating the way that it should.

Your furnace may be in need of a new filter. Or, the airflow of the device could be inhibited by debris or any number of other maladies. If just a single part of the appliance is out of order, it could affect your ability to heat your home once the cold weather hits. You don't want to wait until you're stuck in the cold; it's best to be proactive by having a professional check out and clean your furnace during the fall.

Take A Look At The Burner Flames

One of the most critical parts of the entire furnace unit is the burner. It houses the flames from which flow the heat that is spread throughout your house. If there happens to be a problem with the burner flames, it impedes the progress of the entire furnace.

To check the burner flames, turn the furnace on and get the flames going by turning up the thermostat. If the flames are coming up evenly and are blue in color with a little yellow at the tip, you should be good to go. Completely yellow or orange flames are an indication that the burner is likely dirty and needs to be cleaned out by an experienced technician.

Implementing a few maintenance procedures can go a long way toward keeping your furnace working properly. The next time fall rolls around, remember these tips so you can be ready when winter winds blow. For more information, visit sites like