Need Your Pipes Repaired? 4 Reasons You Should Go Trenchless

If you've just found out that you need to have the sewer lines replaced in your yard, it's time to start thinking about trenchless pipe repair. Unlike traditional methods, where the pipe needs to be physically exposed, trenchless pipe repair requires no invasive digging, which is a huge benefit. Here are four important reasons why you should talk to your plumber about trenchless pipe repair.

Won't Disturb Your Landscaping

One of the problems with traditional methods of pipe repair is that landscaping is often destroyed in the process. That means, that in addition to the cost of plumbing repairs, you also have to pay for the cost of replacing your landscaping. With trenchless pipe repairs, your landscaping won't be disturbed. All the repairs are taken care of underground, where the pipes are. When your plumber is done repairing, or replacing, the pipes, your yard will look as pristine as it did before the project.

Provides Better Drain Function

If your drains are sluggish in your home, it might be due to the condition of your sewer and drain pipes. Dirty, damaged, and deteriorating pipes can slow down the flow of waste from your home. Once your pipes are repaired, or replaced, using trenchless pipe repair, you won't have to worry about the flow anymore. You also won't have to worry about drain cleaning for a while. Your new pipes will be debris-free, and durable for years to come.

Takes Less Time

When it comes to pipe repairs, the time involved with traditional repairs can be extensive. First, you have to wait for the workers to dig up the drain pipes. Next, you have to wait for the removal of the old pipes, and the installation of the new pipes. Finally, comes the work to cover the new pipe. When your pipes are repaired without the use of trenches, the repairs go much quicker. The plumber and crew will be out of there before you know it, and you'll have brand-new pipes.

Less Cost-Prohibitive

If you're worried about the cost of having your pipes repaired, you should know that trenchless pipe repair is less cost-prohibitive than the traditional method of repairing pipes. That's because the method requires less time to carry out, and less heavy equipment. If budget is a concern, or you just want to save money on the project, you should talk to your plumber about using the trenchless method of pipe repair or visit a site like