Redo Your Bathroom

Most people like to personalize their bedroom. If they are huge animal lovers then they may turn their bedroom into a type of shrine for animals. They will hang up animal pictures, display animal bedspreads, and maybe even paint an animal mural on one of their walls. However, not a lot of people give much thought to just how far they can go when it comes to personalizing their bathroom so it has a look to it that really shows off their interests and personality. There is a lot you can do to give your bathroom an amazing look that really matches your style. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when you personalize your own bathroom:

Change your toilet seat

You may be surprised to get a toilet seat that depicts the logo of your favorite sports team, just about any type of animal, nature scenes, and just about anything else. Changing your toilet seat is one of the easiest things you can do to add your own special touch to the look of your bathroom.

Hang up a personalized shower curtain

Just as you can find the perfect toilet seat for your interest, you can also find the right shower curtain to match. Since shower curtains take up such a relatively large amount of space, choosing the right on can really help you to transform the whole look of your bathroom.

Get matching floor mats

You may even be able to find bathroom mats that go right along with your theme. If you can't, then you will at least be able to find them in a color that goes nicely with your décor. For example, if you have your bathroom done up in a particular nature scene and you can't find the right mat, then a grass green or an ocean blue mat may work just as well.

Get a matching bathroom accessory set

You may even be able to find the perfect bathroom accessory set. If not, just like the mats, you can at least find them in a color that compliments the design that you are going with. These sets include things like toothbrush holders, bar soap holders, liquid soap dispensers, tissue holders and even drinking cups. Setting this set on your counter will make the perfect extra touch.

Put up trim on the wall

You can purchase a wall paper trim that will go along the top of the wall and will add even more to your bathroom's theme for you. You may even find some decals you can place in the corners of the mirror or on the wall of the shower.

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