The Basics Of Finding A Plumber

Plumbing plays a part in your everyday life, but you probably don't think about it unless you're standing ankle deep in a slow-draining shower. And face it, nobody likes that. If you're here looking for answers, it's probably because something is wrong. Here's what you need to know so you can stop thinking about your plumbing and get back to singing those Bruno Mars songs in the shower.

First, do you need a plumber?

Sometimes problems can be obvious, like a clogged drain or flooding, but other times there may be subtle problems that aren't as apparent. Maintaining your home's plumbing can prevent issues in the future like corrosion and mold. So, get educated on the warning signs and don't leave those seemingly small things to grow and wreak havoc on your future.

How do I find a plumber?

Finding a good plumber you can rely on makes life feel more secure, especially when something goes wrong. Ask your neighbors, friends and family in the area if they have any recommendations. Home Advisor offers ratings and reviews on companies near you, and will even show schedule openings and basic quotes. Angie's list has some great helpful tips on things to look for when hiring a plumber. Using both these sites will genuinely give you a sense of confidence that you are making the best choice.

How much will it cost?

Okay, so how much is this all going to cost you, anyway? Looking up a general list of costs can give you an idea of what to expect, but you won't know until a plumber gives you a quote. Some will quote you over the phone, but many plumbers will need to see the problem to be able to diagnose it and give you a price. You can also do a little bit of research to see what the parts might cost, but remember that won't include labor, which is typically the bulk of the price. That being said, try to fix as many problems as possible at once, so you don't have to pay for repeated house calls.

Can you do it yourself?

If you're a hands on type of person, doing it yourself can save you money. But, before you start, here's a word of advice: know what you're getting into. Sometimes a seemingly simple job can require tools you don't have or have code requirements you aren't aware of. So before you begin: watch video tutorials, research, and figure out exactly what is expected to do the job right. DIY network has a whole list of tutorials to help you get started. 

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