Hotel Operators: Follow These Tips To Prevent Plumbing Problems

When you operate a hotel with so many different showers, sinks, and toilets, plumbing problems are not uncommon. You probably have a commercial plumber on speed dial! However, it's a mistake to view plumbing problems as an inevitable part of hotel operations. With the tips below, you can reduce the number of clogs, leaks, and other plumbing issues you have to deal with. 

Install permanent baskets in drains.

If your sinks and showers have removable baskets, then you can bet that some guests will remove them. Hair and other debris will make its way down the drain, contributing to clogs. Sometimes, small items like hair ties and shampoo caps may even get washed down the drain, causing clogs directly.

Replacing removable drain baskets with ones that are permanently fixed to the shower or sink base will reduce the amount of debris that ends up down the drain. Usually, these baskets need to be cemented to the sink or shower base, and the area must stay dry for a day or so after you apply the cement. So, you'll want to insert them a few rooms at a time, leaving those rooms vacant for a day or two after the installation.

Don't leave too much toilet paper in rooms.

Excessive toilet paper use can contribute to clogs. To encourage guests to be more sparing in their use of toilet paper, don't leave more than one or two rolls in each room. Have your housekeeping team replace toilet paper as needed throughout guests' stays rather than leaving multiple rolls in the room at the beginning. Make sure you leave some rolls behind the front desk, too, so your employees can give guests additional toilet paper if they come and ask for it.

Encourage guests not to flush anything other than toilet paper.

Wet wipes are especially likely to cause clogs if they're flushed down the toilet. Do not provide these for guests to use, and consider putting a little sign in each bathroom instructing guests to dispose of wet wipes and feminine hygiene products in the trash can rather than down the toilet. Make sure the trash cans you provide are covered and lined with bags so that guests feel comfortable using them for this purpose.

Install and maintain a water softener.

Mineral deposits are a serious concern when you have so any pipes running through a building. If you have hard water, you absolutely need to have a commercial plumber install a commercial water softener in the hotel. The water softener will remove the excess dissolved minerals from the water so they don't accumulate in pipes, eventually leading to clogs and reduced water pressure. 

Once the water softener is in place, make sure you maintain it properly. Some systems require that the filters be replaced or cleaned every few months, while others need to be backwashed periodically. Your plumber should give you maintenance instructions specific to your unit when they install the water softener.

Leave plungers in guest rooms.

It's not unusual for guests to cause a minor toilet clog and then panic, making things worse by flushing and allowing water to flood all over the floor. While a plunger is not the most attractive thing to see in a hotel bathroom, leaving one in each guest room is very practical. Most people will know how to use a plunger, and they can then clear minor clogs before they develop into an issue you need to address.

If you follow the tips above, you should reduce the number of serious plumbing problems that occur in your hotel. Talk to your plumber for more tips and tricks.