Two Factors That Can Affect Your New HVAC System Cost

If you're in the market for a new central air conditioner for your home, the pricing process can be daunting. Before you find yourself overwhelmed by what you're seeing for pricing, it's in your best interest to understand some of the key factors that affect that cost. Here are a couple of things that are significant contributors to what you'll pay for that new cooling system.

How Efficient Is The Model?

Air conditioning units come in a variety of efficiency levels. Depending on what type of unit you go with, its cooling power will vary based on that rating. The lower the rating, the less efficient and more affordable the system will be. That also means that the higher the efficiency rating, the more expensive the unit will be.

Before you settle on any single system, first consider the efficiency rating of the system you're replacing. If your cooling was just enough to meet your needs without sending your utility bills through the roof, opt for something in the same rating as the one you have. That way, you don't spend more than you have to.

Is It Single Or 2-Stage Cooling?

There are two different options for cooling function in air conditioning units. Single-stage systems are called that because they have only one operational stage. When you turn it on, it's at full cooling capacity and the fan runs at the same speed no matter what.

The other option, 2-stage systems, are known as such because they have two distinct operational stages. Most of the time, the air conditioner will run at approximately 65 percent of its peak cooling capacity. It'll only operate at full cooling speed when it deems that the temperature is high enough to warrant it.

While a 2-stage system may be more expensive to invest in, the fact that it doesn't max out the system operation all the time, can net you energy savings over time. It may also extend the life of the air conditioner since the system will experience less wear and tear over its lifespan.

These are two key factors that can directly influence the cost of the air conditioning unit you invest in. Before you find yourself spending more than you need to or opting for an air conditioner that isn't going to meet your needs, talk with a local HVAC technician today to get more advice. He or she can provide practical recommendations based on your home's cooling needs and your budget. For more information, contact a service like Art Douglas Plumbing Inc..