Extra Toilet Time: 3 Plumbing Repairs To Get You Out Of The Bathroom Faster

Using the bathroom may not always be the best time or a highlight of your day. For many people, they are looking to get out of there as quickly as possible. In some cases, this concept is harder than it seems as toilets can have multiple delays or problems that lead to extended time within the bathroom. These annoyances can grow into big problems over time and luckily there are plumbers that can help with various repair options. By finding out your exact problem, you can better understand the toilet repair or upgrades that will be needed. Once the repairs are complete, you can get in and out of the bathroom in much quicker times.

Jiggling Handles

After a toilet has been flushed, there are many homes that feature a bowl that may seem to run endlessly. Not only does this take a lot of time to wait through, but you are wasting a lot of water as it continuously cycles through the tank. The long solution to this problem is to sit there and jiggle the toilet handle until it stops running.

You can eliminate this whole process in your bathroom by contacting a plumber. A plumber can repair the tank connections and tighten your toilet handle so that it fills up quickly and will not keep running once it is filled. Eliminating the jiggling handle on your toilet can have a positive impact and remove an annoying habit that wastes a lot of extra time.

The Double Flush

When using the bathroom, the ideal thing to do is to flush once and get out of there. Some homes have to deal with the problem of repeat flushes. After the initial flush, not everything in the toilet may have gone down properly. If this is the case, then you could be dealing with a double flush issue. If your toilet is extra slow, then you may even be dealing with a triple flush problem.

These problems usually stem from the water pressure available for your toilet. A plumber can examine and replace any bad parts that are used with the input of your toilet. By replacing these parts, the toilet can have extra power when it is flushed the first time. Eliminating the extra flushes will help reduce the time you spend in the bathroom by a minute or more.

The Slow Spin

Similar to the double flush problem is the slow spin. This problem occurs when the toilet is flushed and it seems like it takes forever for the water to spin and create enough momentum to go down the drain. When this occurs, your toilet may have multiple problems.

On the inside of the toilet tank, various parts like the flapper or float may need to be replaced. This will help water enter the toilet at a quicker rate and increase the speed of the spin. The inside of the toilet may also need to cleaned and repaired. The small intake holes that the water flows through may be clogged, blocked, or not working properly. A plumber has a number of professional tools to view these holes, clean them, and help improve the spin of the water inside of the toilet.

Once these repairs are made, you will notice an instant difference when you go to flush. The spin will start much faster, picking up everything along the way and sending it down through the drain.

The problems of your toilet could include one or more of these issues. An initial inspection by a plumber can help determine the exact cause and ways to fix it for your home.