Three Tips For Managing Odors From Portable Restrooms This Summer

Renting portable toilets for a special event this summer comes with many challenges. You have to determine how many you need as well as make sure they are delivered on time, but most importantly, you need to make sure the don't become so odoriferous that they have a negative effect on the event. The following are a few ways you can keep restroom odors from becoming a problem:

Tip #1: Opt for trailers

Unlike the standard portable chemical toilets, which are little more than outhouses, restroom trailers provide actual plumbing. Much like an RV, these trailers have water and waste storage tanks, so everything is flushed away odor-free. Designs vary from two-stall trailers up to five stalls. The stalls are private and there are handicap accessible options. It's even possible to rent trailers that can be hooked up to a generator or power supply, which allows you to provide air conditioning. This can further cut down on odors.

Tip #2: Manage disposal

Even with trailers, you will need to have the waste water tanks emptied regularly top make sure they don't back up and cause foul odors. In comparison, chemical toilets may require even more frequent dumping in hot weather, since the waste can develop a strong odor more quickly in hot weather. Both trailers and chem toilets can be emptied by a pump truck, so there is no need to have them moved or to disturb the event area. Simply schedule disposal visits after hours or before you open the event each day. The frequency of disposal will depend on the size of your event as well as how many restrooms are on site.

Tip #3: Keep up on cleaning

Some portable restroom rental companies provide cleaning staff, while others simply provide you with a list of daily cleaning recommendations. In this case, make sure you allocate sufficient staff to restroom inspections and cleanings. The restrooms should be checked hourly for any issues in operation or cleanliness. Maintenance cleaning must occur throughout the day, with a full cleaning and disinfection occurring every few hours depending on how much traffic passes through the restrooms. Although air fresheners can help manage odors, they should not be utilized to cover up the results of poor cleaning practices.

Keep in mind, if you opt for restroom trailers, that they can be prone to clogs and backups similar to standard indoor plumbing. It's also a good idea to have a plumber on call that has experience in servicing a restroom trailer.