3 Common Reasons Sewer Lateral Lines Are Found Non-Compliant

It doesn't matter if you live in a home that is part of an HOA, on a private lot in a rural community, or somewhere else, lateral line compliance will almost always be a concern to you as a homeowner. The problem is, there is a lot of confusion regarding lateral line compliance and what is allowed and what is not. This is exactly why a lot of homeowners are found to be non-compliant during an inspection. The truth is, there are different rules and regulations no matter where you live, which is why there can be so much confusion. Here's a look at some of the most common reasons sewer lateral lines are found to be non-compliant. 

The lateral line is in need of repairs. 

Hands-down, the most common reason sewer lateral lines are found to be non-compliant with local regulations is they are in need of repairs. Something as small as a bad seal between connections that is allowing a seemingly little leak can cause an inspector to mark your lines as non-compliant. Therefore, it is critical to have any and all small problems tended to quickly and make sure you have the line inspected for damage on occasion. 

The lateral line is situated too close to a neighboring water source. 

Even if a lateral line is sound and sealed off, there are usually rules about where the line is allowed to be placed and the proximity it can be from neighboring water sources. For example, if there is a natural groundwater supply close to your property, the lateral line may be required to be several feet away from that water source before it could be deemed compliant. The reasoning behind this is fairly logical; if there ever was a leak, close proximity could contaminate a water supply with sewage material. 

The lateral line is not buried deep enough in the ground. 

This is a really common issue when homeowners install a lateral line themselves or entrust the task to someone who is not really familiar with the local regulations. Lateral lines must be buried so many feet in the ground depending on where you are and the local laws. If it is not, the upper levels of the line can be prone to damage from ground traffic or freezing, which can create a hassle for everyone in the area if there was a major line bust or leak. 

Speak with local sewer lateral compliance services to learn more.