3 Things To Look For When Inspecting Your Ductless AC System

A lot of homeowners are seeing the value in ductless air conditioning systems. Eliminating the air ducts that typically transport cooled air throughout your home can help you reduce indoor allergens and experience greater control over your AC's performance.

Ductless systems are designed to work easily and efficiently, but they still need to be inspected for potential problems on a regular basis. Watch for these three troubling signs to determine if your ductless system needs repairs.

1. Leaking Refrigerant

A ductless AC system has many more refrigerant lines than a traditional forced-air AC system. Each individual air handler will be equipped with a separate refrigerant line to help produce cool air. With so many refrigerant lines in play, the possibility of a leak is always present.

Listen for a hissing noise coming from the handler during use. Check the coils for signs of frost. Take note of any drop in the production of cool air. These are all indicators that you may have a refrigerant leak. Only an experienced professional should be trusted to replace a leaking refrigerant line and restore the performance of your ductless AC system.

2. Water Leaks

Just as there are more refrigerant lines with a ductless AC system, there are more condensate lines as well. Each handler is equipped with a condensate line that helps to drain away any moisture that condenses as part of the cooling process.

A condensate line can become damaged or worn over time, resulting in the escape of the moisture inside. Water leaks will typically show up between the back of the air handler and the wall of your home.

Conduct a thorough inspection for discoloration, wetness, or the smell of mildew. Contact a repair specialist to install a new condensate line if these warning signs are present.

3. Broken Air Handlers

The air handlers that make up a ductless cooling system are not designed to last forever. Eventually, the air handler will stop functioning. When this occurs, you should call in a repair specialist to determine if the unit can be fixed. If it can't, you will need to invest in a replacement.

Fortunately, each individual air handler operates independently in a ductless AC system. You will only lose cooling capabilities in the immediate area surrounding the broken air handler, not throughout your entire home.

Get in touch with a residential air conditioning repair professional to help you keep your ductless AC system running as efficiently as possible.