Does Your Home Suffer From Previous DIY Mistakes? Tips For Correcting Common Plumbing Problems

Moving into any home can mean experiencing a few surprises - which unfortunately, may not all be good. This can be especially true if one or more of the previous owners was guilty of making DIY plumbing repairs without benefit of proper experience or skill.

If you are settling into a new-to-you home and have just discovered a plumbing problem that was created or exacerbated by a careless DIY repair, here are some helpful tips for solving your existing problems. 

Water pressure issues 

A common plumbing problem in an older home is the lack of good water pressure throughout all areas of the house. While this problem can occur naturally over several years due to the accumulation of mineral deposits from hard water, it can also happen relatively quickly due to pipe sizing issues.

Pipe sizing problems can result when a pipe splits or corrodes and a DIY repair is made by cutting out and replacing the damaged portion with one that has a smaller diameter. Reducing pipe size in this manner can restrict the volume of water and result in a less than adequate flow from faucets in affected areas of the home. 

Removing smaller diameter sections and having them replaced with same-size piping can help solve related water pressure issues. 

Piping confusion 

Another problem that can occur after several DIY plumbing repairs involves the creation of confusion about which pipe feeds which plumbing fixture.

DIY repairs and modifications to existing plumbing often involve the use of mixed plumbing pipe types and sizes. The result can look like a complicated maze of piping that can be confusing to look at and very difficult to track when a plumbing issue does arise. 

A good solution to a mish-mash of plumbing pipes is to consider repiping the home with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). This flexible plastic tubing is becoming increasingly popular because of its ease of installation. In addition, Pex is more able to resist  temperature changes that can cause traditional pipes to freeze and split or burst. Homeowners who are weary of their current mismatched piping can also appreciate the fact that PEX is available in colors so that hot and cold water supply lines can be more easily traced. 

Finding that the home you have recently purchased has plumbing problems that were likely caused or worsened by the DIY efforts of a previous owner is sure to be frustrating. Homeowners who want to correct common DIY plumbing mistakes should always work with a reputable local plumbing contractor like Assured Plumbing & Heating to plan and execute appropriate repair solutions.