Toilet Bowl Overflowing? 3 Tips To Stop This From Happening

The toilet bowl is one of the most important things in a bathroom that needs to work. If your toilet bowl has all of a sudden starting overflowing this can be a big mess to clean up. Fortunately, you can determine what is wrong with the toilet so you can get it repaired.

Toilet Bowl Clogged

The most common reason for a toilet bowl to overflow is that it is clogged up. In most cases, you can use a toilet plunger to clear the clog. Make sure the bowl is full of water before you plunge the toilet. Make sure the opening in the toilet bowl is completely covered with the plunger before you start plunging. You will need to push and pull the plunger a few times to take care of the clog. Approximately 8 to 10 plunges should work. Try to flush the toilet to see if it overflows.

Toilet Trap Clogged

If plunging did not remove the clog, the toilet trap may be clogged. The bowl that has a trap that is shaped like the letter S. The trap is much deeper inside the bowl. The trap is an important part of the toilet as it prevents gasses from the sewer to get into the bathroom. This will not only result in a horrible smell, but you can become ill if you breathe in these gases. Because the trap bends, it is easy for it to become clogged. You can try to remove this clog on your own with a snake or auger. You may want to consider hiring a plumber, however. This is especially true if you have never done this before.

Drain Pipe Clogged

If nothing is working to fix the toilet then the drain pipe may be clogged. This is the pipe that leads to the sewer and is much harder for you to get to. There is also a lot of bends in this pipe making it easy for them to clog up. A plumber is required to take care of this problem. They have special tools that they can use to clear the clog. For example, the plumber will use an auger that is long enough to reach deep into the pipe and remove the clog. You may damage this pipe if you try to do it on your own which would result in a large repair bill.

For more information on toilet repair, reach out to a local plumber.