There Are Costs Involved When You Neglect Your Septic Tank System

Have you neglected maintenance to your septic tank? While this scenario is not ideal, if you've made a new commitment to properly maintain your system, you are on the right track. However, it's important to understand that there are some risks and concerns with this neglect. 

Limited Capacity

All septic tanks are designed to hold a certain amount of waste. When this amount is exceeded, the threat of the tank overfilling increases. To avoid this issue, septic tanks must be pumped periodically. If you have not had this service performed, it's very likely that your tank is close to reaching its capacity. Once at capacity, waste will no longer collect in the tank. Instead, it will back-up into your home. 

Drainage Issues

Another consequence of neglecting a septic tank system is drainage issues. Over time, waste and sludge buildup can collect inside the pipes that lead to and from the tank. Once this buildup settles in, it reduces the amount of wastewater that can flow through the pipes. As a result of this reduction, it will take longer for water to drain from your bathtubs and sinks. Not to mention, the buildup in the pipes will also cause foul odors to escape from the pipes and circulate around your home.  

Drain Field Concerns

One element of a septic tank system that is sometimes overlooked is the drain field. The main function of the drain field is to breakdown solid waste. However, this process can only be executed when there is moisture within the drain field. The problem with a lack of septic tank maintenance is that the overfilling of the tank causes the moisture in the drain field to evaporate prematurely. As a result, the solids can't be broken down. The outcome of this scenario is a field of foul-smelling waste products. 

Regular Service Is Essential

Whether your schedule has been unusually busy and you've neglected septic tank maintenance or you recently moved into a home with a tank and don't fully understand the importance of maintenance, it's important that you readjust. Septic tank maintenance keeps the tank operating efficiently and helps save you money in unnecessary damage to the tank and your home. Make maintenance an essential priority today. 

If you have not properly cared for your septic tank system, now is the time to start. Contact a septic tank service to assess your system and help you determine what measures you need to take to ensure your septic tank system is operating optimally and that your home and property are protected.