Get the Most out of Your Yard: 4 Outdoor Plumbing Projects You Need This Summer

Summer's coming. Now's the time to plan your outdoor home improvements. If you haven't added plumbing projects to your list, you should consider doing that. There a lot of outdoor plumbing projects that can make your life much easier. Here are four examples. 

Poolside Bathroom

If you have a pool in your backyard, you know how messy your bathrooms can get during the summer. All the traipsing in and out of the house can cause quite a mess. That's why you need a poolside bathroom. A poolside bathroom keeps the mess outside. Your kids don't need to track water through the house when they need to relieve themselves. You can also add a changing area. That way, pool parties can stay outside where they belong. 

Drinking Fountain

If your kids run in and out of the house for drinks all summer, you need to make a change. Now's the time to have a drinking fountain installed in your yard! Kids need to stay hydrated during the summer. Hydration is especially important when your kids are roughhousing outside.

When you kids need a drink, they have two options. They can run into the house each time they're thirsty. Or, they can drink from the hose. But, neither of those are the best options. In fact, drinking from the hose is a health hazard; as the sun's heat can leach chemicals out of the hose and contaminate the water. Avoid potentially harmful chemicals and the mess. Have your plumber install a drinking fountain in your yard this summer. 

Outdoor Kitchen

If you host a lot of backyard barbecues, you need an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens let you entertain guests without heating up your house. They also help keep the mess outside. Many people set up a food prep station in their yard. But, they forget the most important part — the sink. If you're going to build a backyard kitchen, have your plumber install a sink. That way, you have running water for your summer barbecues. 

Utility Sink

If your summer plans include yard or car maintenance, you might need to install a utility sink. Utility sinks give you space to get rid of the dirt and grease. If you have pets, utility sinks also provide the perfect place for bath time — meaning you won't have to use your bathtub! To learn more about summer projects that a plumber can help you with, contact a plumbing company today.