Signs You Might Need A New Water Line

All homes with running water have a main water line that brings water either from the public system or from the well into the home. Most homeowners assume that this water line is a permanent fixture that will last for the life of the home, and sometimes, that is the case. However, sometimes main water lines do give way, springing leaks or partially collapsing. It's important to know the signs that this has occurred so you can act accordingly and have your water line replaced if needed.

Your water pressure has dropped off.

If your water pressure drops off, check to see whether this is the case at all of your taps, or just some of them. Low pressure at one or several taps suggests an issue at those taps, specifically. Low pressure at all of your taps suggests there's not as much pressure coming into the home in general, which could be due to any number of issues. However, a leaky main water line is definitely a possible reason worth looking into, especially if you used to have good pressure and now suddenly do not.

The area around your home is wet.

If there is a lot of dampness around your home, first check to see whether your gutters are draining properly. If the gutters are clear, or if you have not even had rain in a while, all of that water could be coming from a leak in your main water line. Not only are you paying for all that water, but it's sure to cause foundation issues if you just ignore it — so definitely have a plumber out to take a look.

Your water bill is high for seemingly no reason.

Take a look at your water bill, and see how the most recent one compares to past bills. If the current bill is higher and you have not done anything like fill a pool or start watering a garden daily, then a leak in your mainline is a likely explanation. It's amazing just how much water can seep from even a tiny hole in your main water line. Your usage may go up several thousand gallons over a month or two.

If your water line is leaking or squashed, then the best remedy is often to have a new one put into place. This is a big project, but one that most plumbers can handle.

For more information, contact a water line replacement service.