When And Why You Should Have Your Drains Cleaned

Imagine everything you put down your drains, including those items you shouldn't be putting down your drains. All of that liquid and everything else going down your drains can add up over time and eventually clog your drains, produce a foul odor or allow pests a nice place to nest or to find food. Even worse than that, your drain pipes could eventually burst if they become too full of all of that gunk. You will need a drain cleaning at some point, but if you aren't sure when you should do this, read on for information to help you.

When To Clean Your Drains

You shouldn't wait to have your drains cleaned until you are encountering a major problem. At this point, you already have an issue and cleaning it may only solve the problem for the short term. You should clean your drains at least a few times per year. Clean your drains in your home with the change of the season. Clean them when you first move into a home that was owned by someone else, as you don't know what may be in those drains. Clean your drains if you are smelling foul odors coming from the drains, as this could indicate a clog in your drains. Clean your drains if you have fruit flies coming out of the drain to remove their nest and any nesting material inside the drain. Clean your drains when you notice that there is a slow drain, or whenever you hear a gurgling noise coming from the drain, which could indicate a clog. If you suspect you have a drain issue and your drains need to be cleaned, hire a professional plumber for help to clean your drains for you.

How To Keep Your Drains Clean

Your drains can accumulate with gunk because you are putting things down your drains that shouldn't be there. Keep your drains clean by using the tips below.

  • Water and soap only. You should only be putting water and soap down your kitchen drain. Food scraps don't belong in the drain unless you have a garbage disposal. 
  • Toilet paper only. Only put toilet paper down your toilet drain. Feminine products, flushable wipes and tissues do not belong in your toilet drain, as they can clog your toilet. If toilet paper is clogging your toilet, switch to a thinner toilet paper.
  • Keep drain stops in place. Be sure the drain stops are kept in place in the sink drain to prevent anything from going down your drains that don't belong there.

If you suspect your drains need to be cleaned, hire a professional plumber to do this work for you and prevent a disaster in your home.