3 Reasons Your Commercial Urinals May Be Leaking

Commercial restrooms see significantly more use than their residential counterparts. This extensive use can cause a commercial urinal to fail much faster than the toilet in a home.

One common problem you will come across in your commercial restroom is a leaking urinal. It's important that you know what to look for when trying to identify the source of the leak. This information will help you troubleshoot a leaking urinal in the future.

1. Damaged Seals

A urinal flushes after each use. If you find that your commercial urinals are leaking water after the flush cycle is complete, this could be an indication that the seals within the urinal are damaged.

Seals made from flexible rubber are fitted around each connection point within a urinal's drain. Whenever one of these seals is damaged or becomes dried out, a small space is created between two pipes. Water can easily escape through this small space and leak out of the urinal.

You should have an experienced plumber check each of the seals in your urinals whenever you spot a leak so that you can avoid wasting water in your commercial restroom.

2. Cracked Porcelain

Many commercial urinals are constructed from porcelain. Porcelain is a popular choice for plumbing fixtures because it is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. Unfortunately, porcelain can also be quite delicate.

Commercial urinals can become cracked as a result of extensive use. Cracks in the porcelain can create gaps where water can leak out of the urinal bowl and onto the floor. Larger cracks are easy to spot, but even hairline fractures can contribute to a significant leak.

If you suspect cracked porcelain is to blame for your leaking urinal, a commercial plumber will need to replace the urinal to eliminate future leaks.

3. Clogged Drain

Some leaks are the result of a clog lodged in the drainpipe of a commercial urinal.

Wads of toilet paper, personal objects, and other foreign items can fall into the urinal bowl in a commercial restroom. If these items find their way into the drainpipe, they can seal off the drain.

A clogged drain prevents water from draining out of the urinal bowl properly. The result is often a bowl that overflows and leaks.

A good commercial plumber will be able to locate any clogs and clear them from your drain lines so that your urinals can function properly once again.

For more information, contact a commercial plumbing service in your area.