As A New Homeowner, Learn Ways The Plumber Can Help

When you buy your own home, you won't be calling your landlord anymore when things happen around the house. This means you want to make sure you know who to call for assistance and when to call them. One of the types of services that you should know about when you own a home is plumbing. By better-familiarizing yourself with some of the different types of services a plumber offers, you'll know when they are the ones you can or should call when you need certain things done around the home or when you have certain problems going on. Here are some things plumbers often do: 

Install new plumbing

If you want to have an appliance moved somewhere else in the home and it is going to need plumbing, then they can come out and help you with this. For example, if your washer and dryer are in a laundry room you want to turn into an office, then you'll need to find somewhere else to move them to. When you do, the washer needs to be hooked up to the water line, and a plumber can set this all up for you. 

Plumbing inspection, maintenance, and repairs

You know that you call a plumber if you have a plumbing leak or if a pipe bursts. However, you should also be calling the plumber out to inspect your plumbing periodically to avoid the need for those emergency repairs. Also, they should be coming out to clean your drains periodically to make sure you avoid clogs in the future. 

Install new appliances

If you are bringing home a new appliance that is going to hook up to the plumbing and you have no experience with an appliance hookup like this, then a plumber can come out to hook the appliance up for you. 

Tend to plumbing-related installations

Plumbers also install other items related to the plumbing. Some examples of these things can include new sinks, new toilets, new tubs, and even new fixtures for these things if you need to have the fixtures replaced. Along with installing the new things you are having put in, they will also uninstall the ones that you currently have in place. 


Now that you know more about things a plumber can help with, you will see why it's a good idea for you to keep their phone number in your phone and in a location where other members of the household will know right where it is. This way, they can be contacted right away if they are needed for some type of plumbing emergency.