Reasons To Invest In Complete Replacement Of Steel Water Pipes

If you live in an older home, then you likely understand that your plumbing is probably not as up to date as it should be. If your home has galvanized steel piping, then you should look into having the pipes replaced as soon as you can. If you are unsure whether you have these types of pipes or not, then look for pipes that are silver-gray in color. The pipes will have threads on either end as well and fit into one another with large round attachments. Read More 

What’s That Smell? Troubleshooting Odors From Your Plumbing

The invention of indoor plumbing transformed the lives of the common man, allowing him to take care of all his personal hygiene needs in the warmth and comfort of the home. Under normal circumstances, the waste water from showers and toilets is whisked away through a series of pipes, leaving both you and your home fresh and clean. Sometimes, however, things go awry. A sudden whiff of foul odor may be your signal that a problem is afoot. Read More 

3 Strange Plumbing Odors And How To Fix Them

If you detect a strange smell in your house, the plumbing should be one of the first places that you look when trying to discover the source of the scent. Where ever there is water, there's the possibility of smells when the water becomes trapped and stagnant. When you consider the many different types of things that go down various drains in any household, the chance of strange smells only grows. Read More 

Is Your Plumbing Haunted? Try These Ghostbusting Tips

You're lying in bed on a dark and stormy night, but you're not afraid -- after all, the noise is only thunder, the flashes from the window only lightning. But then you hear a mysterious, angry-sounding hammering within the walls. You get up to see what's wrong, only to discover that your feet are bathed in water. You're not in a haunted house after all -- it's your plumbing that's causing the nightmare! Read More 

Tape It Up: Understanding The Role Of Plumber’s Tape In Household Plumbing Leaks

As a new homeowner, you may find that common household plumbing issues like pipe leaks and dripping faucets are mystifying. Dripping faucets are a common problem, but they're more serious than many homeowners realize. With so many different pipe connections and faucets in a house, that's a lot of different areas at risk of a leak. The good news is that you have control over your home's risk of many leaks. Read More