3 Things To Be Looking For In Your HVAC System

Nearly every home has a central heating and HVAC system. It is the safest and more efficient way to heat and cool a house. Because it is so efficient, there are many people who think that they don't need to worry about the upkeep of the system, but in reality, just like every system and appliance in your home, it needs to be watched, maintained and cared for. Here are some signs that your HVAC system needs attention. Read More 

Don’t Start Plumbing Project Without These Questions

When there's a toilet leak or you want to put in a new sink, you may be doing a little research and thinking that it's something you can tackle. As you keep watching online videos or tutorials, you may feel even more confident that you can conquer the situation. However, before taking action, you ought to address these plumbing project questions. 1-Are Permits Needed? Few of the resources you're likely referencing to learn about making repairs or installing new items mention permits. Read More 

What’s the Deal with Hard Water?

Perhaps your plumber mentioned that you have hard water, or maybe you've just heard friends and neighbors chatting about it. Hard water is a frequently misunderstood concept. But understanding what the term means and what you need to do about hard water will help you make the smartest choices for your home and family. Read on to learn the basics. What is hard water? Hard water is water that contains a lot of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Read More