3 Things To Look For When Inspecting Your Ductless AC System

A lot of homeowners are seeing the value in ductless air conditioning systems. Eliminating the air ducts that typically transport cooled air throughout your home can help you reduce indoor allergens and experience greater control over your AC's performance. Ductless systems are designed to work easily and efficiently, but they still need to be inspected for potential problems on a regular basis. Watch for these three troubling signs to determine if your ductless system needs repairs. Read More 

Why You May Need To Replace Your Home’s Old Cast Iron Piping

Cast iron pipes are strong and durable, and that's why they were popular for decades as plumbing pipes. Cities used cast iron pipes to route water to homes, and homes and businesses used cast iron pipes for fresh water and waste lines. When other pipe materials became more popular, cast iron pipes were used less. The practice of using them for plumbing hasn't been standard practice for decades now. That means if you have cast iron piping in your home, the pipes are pretty old and near the end of their lives. Read More